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Sony BVM-E250

Sony much-anticipated organic light-emitting diode (OLED) master monitor: the BVM-E250. Only Sony has the capability to develop product such as this, as the company builds on over 30 years of CRTand LCD master monitor experience in the media production industry. The Trimaster EL series of monitor, utilizes Sony's exclusive OLED technology and award winning signal processing. This technology displays images at levels of accuracy never before seen in a reference monitor. Blacks performance displayed as the standard defines, dynamic range that can display as much as 14 camera stops, pixel speeds faster than CRT, and color accuracy so tight that remedial calibration is an after thought. The BVME250 has a vast set of features that can be assigned and accessed to 16 function keys, a ten key pad to select not just an input, but an entire monitor configuration. Aside from the image performance and the tools provided in the monitor, there are also options that allow for an internal rasterizer and complex 1D or 3D LUT authoring and ASC DCL xml files.

Power Requirements AC 100 V to 240 V, 1.6 A to 0.8 A, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Approx. 145 W
Operating Temperature 32°F to 95°F Recommended: 68°F to 86°F
Storage Temperature -4°F to +140°F
Operating Humidity 0% to 90% (no condensation)
Mass 28 lb 11 oz
Dimensions 22 3/4 x 16 3/4 x 5 7/8 inches

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